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Astroid is suite of software tools that together comprise a complete proton therapy treatment planning system. Astroid began as a software tool developed in-house at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, but has since been developed into the first commercial treatment planning system that is exclusively built for proton therapy. Since Astroid does not carry the burden of supporting several types of treatment delivery methods, the User Interface is much less complex and the user experience is much cleaner. By using a Task based workflow, Astroid allows experienced planners to rapidly become “Astroid experts”. Additionally, the data driven nature of Astroid ensures that the software captures “user intent”, linking together the entire plan creation process and handling the complex relationships and interactions among the planning data. Whether you interested in our dose-based device design tools for passive scattered and uniform scanned beams or our world-class multi-criteria optimization functions for pencil beam scanning, we know you’ll be impressed with the speed in which you can develop high quality treatment plans using Astroid.

Our motto for Astroid is “Do One Thing and Do It Well” and we know you’ll appreciate the level of clarity and focus that this mindset has allowed us to achieve in the field of proton treatment planning. Call or email us today to schedule a demo or to learn about how Astroid can improve your proton treatment planning process.

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